Statement of purpose

A statement of purpose is a legally required document that includes a standard set of information about a provider’s service. Statements must describe:

  • The provider’s aims and objectives in providing the service. Details of the services provided including the service types for example, hospice services) and the service user bands (for example, adults aged 65+)
  • The health or care needs the service sets out to meet
  • The provider’s and any registered managers’ full name(s) business address(es), telephone number(s) and (where available) email address(es)
  • Details about the legal status of the provider (for example, whether they are an individual, company, charity, or partnership)
  • The address CQC must use to send formal documents to registered providers and managers Formal documents include legally required notices and inspection reports
  • (‘Addresses for service’ can be email addresses where a provider or manager consents to receiving documents in this way)
  • All of the locations where regulated activities are actually provided, or where they are provided from (listed as ‘locations’ on your certificate of registration together with any service branches not listed as locations).

The information in statements of purpose must always be accurate and up to date.